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August 08, 2010

The 2003 Ninja Turtles find their 1987 originals captured and held hostage by Hun. The 2003 Turtles defeat Hun, and the Purple Dragons and rescue their classic originals and escape to the modern Turtles' Lair. Meanwhile, the Technodrome from the 1987 TV series along with Shredder, Krang, Bebop and Rocksteady are together again and fight both versions of the turtles. Meanwhile the classic Shredder, transports the Utrom Shredder back from the ice asteroid that he was sent to after the "Exodus" episode. The classic Shredder and Krang had no idea that the modern Shredder would turn against them and sets out to erase the entire Ninja Turtle Universe, starting all the way back to the 1984 Mirage Comic series to where the Ninja Turtles are as of today, including the 1987 TV series Turtles, the live-action turtles, all the comic book turtles, and the modern TV series Turtles.



Kerny said...


Michael William said...

Nice blog for TV and Good information.Thanks

Spousal Visa said...

wow....! Very nice post. I like it. Thanks for sharing.

Ninja Turtles was my most favorite cartoon show in my childhood. I can still remember that I used to wait the whole week eagerly to watch the Ninja Turtles show on our national television on weekend. I still love the show, but rarely any TV channel show it now.

I downloaded Ninja Turtles the 3d movie in my laptop. I really enjoyed watching it. TMNT is my all time favorite. I love being a kid. Haha!

Michael said...

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David said...

Thanks for such a detailed explanation of it, I wasn't expecting it but anyhow its really really helpful, thanks a lot for sharing it with us

abdelkader said...

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Its great informative blog.You have posted detailed explanation to get more knowledge about the topic.I look forward to see more updates in near future.Thanks for sharing.

love TMNT! Have watched them since I was little.

I am quite surprised with this post.

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